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I have been keeping chickens for 5 years. Airen, my youngest initially asked to keep chickens after staying with one of her school friends, whose Mum had hatched some chicks.  It took me a while to come round and then I had the idea of instead of giving the girls an Easter Egg , I surprised them with a chicken each !  

They were warren chickens from a local farm, and I instantly fell in love with them. I was lucky enough to purchase a second hand Eglu classic and I have never looked back since. I went on to reorganise the garden to make way for a dedicated larger area for my girls.  I purchased the Cube from Omlet, and then had a purpose coop built( 15’ x 25’) for the chickens to run around in.

Why Chickens ? They are funny, friendly and they will leave you a present every day.  Not only will you never have to buy a supermarket egg again, you will have a free supply of manure for the garden – fantastic for the veggie patch.  Chickens are beautiful to look at , and you can spend ages just watching and talking to them.  They do actually talk back to you !!

When I was looking to find out about Chicken keeping , I could not find a course that was local , and I also wanted to take Airen on the course as well as she was the main instigator of all of this chicken lark – so I thought why not start my own courses and pass on some of the knowledge that I have picked up. I am sure there are a few of you out there with a few questions, so come along and meet my girls and boys , we really look forward to meeting you.

A chicken course makes a fantastic present.  If you are booking a place for a suprise please let me know and I will send you through a special voucher.

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